No Spend November

I was a tad reckless with my credit cards last month. I had to dip heavily into my extra account to pay them off. Can’t tell you how much I hate that! The worst part is it wasn’t large purchases. I went out to eat a bit…

I love warm Autumn days.

The sun feels wonderful while

the wind swirls the leaves in

all the places I just raked.

Yesterday I planned to mow and

mulch but…

A 100-Year-Old Lesson on How a Positive Attitude Can Change the World Around You.

Do you think having the ability to craft gratitude and positive attitude can be credited to a movie seen at an impressionable age? …

Wow! -7 degrees and my furnace is grinding away trying to get the indoor temp above 68. I’m thinking we really need a super dose of motivation, right? And, the electric companies are asking people to reduce their usage, so crank up the tunes and get to dancing!

Staying warm…

I’m feeling a bit bearish, and I’m not talking stocks. I feel like I was hibernating, but have awakened feeling refreshed and energized. It’s really a little weird. Is anyone else having a similar experience?

Being awake (as opposed to woke) I realize I can still connect with people ……

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Holistic Health Coach emphasizing practical solutions that work for each client’s lifestyle. When someone you know complains about their health, contact me!

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